All our hubs are made by the finest tradesmen as standard.

There is a fundamental choice at the beginning of the design process whether you want your hub built around a bespoke timber frame or as a converted shipping container.

Find out more below about the differences.

Contact us we will be more than happy to discuss what will work best for you.

Bespoke Timber Frames

In most circumstances, we recommend this option.

With a timber frame you can have your hub the perfect size for your space!

We will build the hub in situ with amazingly quick turnaround times. For most garden hubs we estimate to have the frame and more up within a week.

The materials for fixed framed hubs are readily available where-as there is a worldwide shortage of shipping containers.

The shortage of containers impacts both availability (lead times) and price (more expensive than timber framed) – find out more below.

Converted Shipping Containers

There are advantages and disadvantages to using containers.

We can convert the container on our premises and ship to you. You can also take the container with you if you move house or want to relocate it for any other reason.

The disadvantages to using a container is you will be paying approximately 20% more than a timber framed hub of the same specification. This is because of the rising costs due to the shortage plus shipping and transportation fees.

Shipping containers come in standard sizes all with an 8 ft depth. We can cut and weld containers together, but it still allows for less design precision than with a bespoke frame.

Whichever you choose we guarantee amazing value and our team are here to answer any of your questions.


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